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I have see this case - wife wanted to take Amrit but husband was a manmujh. So much trouble she had to go through. She would continuously tell about Guru ji, explain him about dharam. She herself really loved Waheguru ji. She once talked to an elderly Gursikh about it. He told her that if you yourselves become a strong Gursikh, Guru Sahib will change your life and make even your generations Gursikh. She then stopped focusing on making her husband close to Gursikhi and focused to make herself strong. She got so much Kirpa that her husband eventually saw her and himself started to move on this path. Now both wear kakars and ready for Amrit ^_^

Do ardaas, seva of doing sikhi parchaar in front of your husband and focus on yourself.

The reason behind this rule is that it is very very hard to have Gursikhi jeevan in your husband is a manmukh. It is very hard, think about it. True Gursikhi jeevan means no fashion, parties, eating outside, talking to manmukh friends, Amritvela. These are some examples.