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Do Ardaas every single day to Guru ji to bless you with Naam and eleminate your wrong habbits. Know that you are making extensive karams because of your two habbits. Karams are what makes us run in 8.4 million life forms. They seperate us from Waheguru. We got this life to wash away those huge piles of Karams that we have carried on from suchhhh long times of previous janams. But why are we making more bad karams in this janam?

Don't say I cant stop. Just STOP doing all those. Just STOP right now that you will not do any of those things again. Don't think it is hard or not possible. You are part of Waheguru - all souls are part of Waheguru just like all droplets are part of a big Ocean. And just like Waheguru has so much power to do anything, you have part of that Waheguru's power too. Just practice that power to stop your bad habits by doing more Naam simran, nitnem, and listen to kath (Do all this every single day).

Know that your are Guru Gobind singh ji's son, and you should never have such habits. You have to be far far away from them and being such powerful Khalsa.

Start your journey to take Amrit. What is stopping you? Discuss your problems that stop you from taking Amrit with your friends and family.

Two very important things - DO Naam Simran EVERYSINGLE DAY. Start from 5 min and increase it as you practice. Next time when you feel like doing wrong things, say WAHEGURU immediately. This acts like a sword which kills your bad thought. This helps! Sangat - change your sangat. I have been through bad sangat, trust me it makes you sooo bad. I left all my manmujh friends because this is what Guru ji wants you to do. Guru ji eventually gave me new Gursikh friends. Trust me I have been through it, bad sangat REALLY REALLY is wrong. They just talk about maya and THEY take you AWAY from Waheguru ji.