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I completely reject the notion that both husband and wife need to take amrit together. Woman alone or man alone can also take amrit even if they are in marriage and their partner dont want to take amrit.

Your commitment to your guru and to Vaheguru is at your own personal level and not at a level of a relationship of any kind. One's father could be a drug addict, one's mother could be a prostitute, one's husband/wife could be a criminal or anybody but any of this in no shape could hinder you to become Khalsa if you are pure at heart.

If anyone believe what is said in above answers I think they really havent understood sikhi to the core. You cannot make someone follow the guru. This journey is walked alone with no support and with noone accompanying you. I am shocked at the answers. What logic does it make for wife not to have sex with her husband if she is amritdhari and her husband isn't. Sikhism is the most modern religion which rejects any kind of illogical reasoning. And if people believe in above statements I think it could take centuries before sikhi is actually understood by humans.