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Will try to answer. Actually can only provide hints/pointers. Most of the work is upon you only.Try not to get stuck with the answer or the quest to find one.

I want you to answer the first past. Answer it to yourself and only yourself. ...I mean I always wanted to reach such a stage whr god can actually guide me I want to experience smthin like that... I want you to answer how do you feel you'd experience something like that - through the ways known to you via which you experience everything else ... or in some other way not yet known to you ....or or or ...taking a step further...a way not yet known to mankind....think and spend a lot of time here...... yet...try imagining what kinda experience it would be no matter what the ways were ... again it'd be like something that I have experienced...or know...or it'd be something else....

Coming to the rest ... meeting human form ... does meeting god depend on these petty conditions .... need you to figure out why this specific want.....i.e. to meet him and that too in human form ...

Last part: ...we have to b very spiritual ?true to our religion ?...

Now how do we do that. I guess basic step is to be truthful to urself first for a very prolonged period of time. That itself should take care of your being truthful to rest. The very want and tries to become 'very spiritual' kills the purpose

most importantly..share whatever you find for us to learn too