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It is perfectly fine to recite any name and all names of the one. However when doing simran I believe you focus on reciting one name only. It could be Vaheguru, could be ram, raheem, hari whatever you want. Changing names during simran might affect your concentration.

Earlier I personally felt more when I used to recite Brahm or Allah. However I have practiced to recite Vaheguru now. It took me a while to get my concentration on Vaheguru for some reason but now it really helps. I dont know the science behind the name Vaheguru. But it is the rhythm of this word and the way it takes the sound to different levels that it helps me more to focus during naam simran. Va He Gu Ru. These four alphabets make your tongue touch different parts of your mouth to generate different sounds which for some reason really help focussing during naam abhiaas.

Hope this was of some help.