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Congratulations on your college acceptance! Well, this comes down to commitment. You say that you don't cover your head in your secondary school (high school?), but want to start later (I'm assuming you're a girl?) Do your friends know that you prescribe to a religion? Oftentimes friends know about these things. Bring about the topic of religion the next time you hang out, and don't be afraid of making it a "serious" discussion. My friends and I used to be "weird," too, but they love and support me as I made a point of loving and supporting them (a lot of us were artists, queers, poets, etc/didn't really fit in). If they're truly friends to keep, you know that they will support you. Hey, maybe they'll be interested! Everyone changes when they hit college. You will change in this way, and your friends might change their habits (perhaps they'll start to become more spiritual, too).

Don't be afraid and approach them the way you would about anything, and keep yourself light and open to any reaction. If you get a negative reaction, turn it positive. What a golden time to educate! But most importantly, ask yourself: what is a momentary reaction compared to the commitment I want to make in my heart for the rest of my life?

Much luck to you and do tell us how it went! They might take it a little differently, but make sure you are honest with your feelings and be strong and kind in your response those reactions.

God bless you always, love.