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^^I might like to disagree with the statement that, "allowing interfaith weddings if stupid cause a REAL sikh will only ever marry a Sikh". That's a very pointed and sharp comment to make, especially to those who are married to one of another religion and are managing just fine with having experience with this situation. Interfaith weddings, in my experience, have occurred at my local Gurdwara, but most couples might prefer that they take place at the court or other venue for precisely the reason that they may be objected to by the local sangat/congregation, etc. Some choose to have a wedding at BOTH places of worship, for the sake of respecting the other's faith and the faith of the family. I find that it takes a lot of strength in one's own faith to do so, and if done conscientiously, is very helpful for the marriage in the long run. It takes a specific type of commitment to one's self, I suppose. I don't find it entirely wrong (as non-baptized Sikhs are married in the gurdwara all the time), but it is a little complicated if faith is truly the aspect the wedding/union is centered on.

As far as the giani being fired is concerned, it's not an entirely stupid move, as the entire sangat as well as the committee decided that it was the best option. A gurdwara isn't necessarily hierarchical, as far as I know. I don't believe that a system of "excommunication" exists, either.

The bottom line comes down to the attitudes of the families and the couple, and whether or not they understand what this means for their marriage, and whether they understand the meaning of the lavan and attempt to apply it to their life with love and devotion, regardless of whatever faith they prescribe to.