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Sat Nam. GOD lives and breathes in every human being. GOD is the source of all life, and when GOD stops providing breath (prana) to a body, that body (person) dies.It seems hard to understand, because we usually think that God is all GOOD, we forget that God is EVERYTHING! GOD is Energy, Consciousness, Intelligence.

GOD is that which Generates, Organizes, and then Destroys (or Delivers) all creation. The awareness of God inside ourselves is so deeply buried in most people that they don't act in a divine way. But "bad" people still have a divine soul. Their actions (just like yours and mine) either take them closer to experiencing God, or farther away.

God gave us enough free will to make choices on how we act, and each choice creates positive karma, or negative karma. Someone once said "we each live our lives as an example or a warning". When you see someone "bad" -- be grateful it's not you, and when you see someone "good" be grateful that they are! Our responsibility is to live our lives as purely and consciously as possible, trying to remember God is the Doer of EVERYTHING. So, we do what is righteous, and we don't hate anyone. Blessings, SP