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Peace is BEYOND MIND and not in the mind



You are striving, for the costliest thing in this world i.e. 'Peace of Mind'. Mind here refers to 'Mann'. Just think ………… when do you get disturbed ? Perhaps, only when the things do not move as per your own wishes. This instigates our Ego. We all wish that this world should move as per our own desires. However, most of the time this does not happen and we get disturbed. The situation will not improve until we learn to walk in accordance with the will (HUKAM) of God(Waheguru). Gurubani says: "Hukme andar sabko, bahar hukam na koi ! Nanak hukme je buje ta Humye(ego) kahe na koi"( Everyone is subject to his command, no one is beyond his command! Oh, Nanak , one who understands his command, never speaks in EGO)".

Let us, first understand the anatomy of our mind. It is nothing but a collection of thoughts, ideas, views, wishes and desires only. It doesn't have any physical existence in our body. Such a power it has, that it can take us around the world within seconds. Guru ji says " Nimakh Meh Char Kunt Phir Avye" (It can visit within a second, all the four directions.) The power, which remains awake even when we are asleep. It controls us and our behavior. Can we control a power which controls us? Perhaps not! If you try to control your anger, you will not be able to do that. Because anger is a product of disturbed mind and not cause of it. We will have to remove the cause. The cause is overflow of unnecessary, unwanted and useless thoughts coming to our mind. These thoughts, not necessarily, are our own. Our mind captures a lot of stuff from this universe. The universe is full of thoughts transmitted by other persons, which get reception at our end, may be unconsciously.

Let us take an example. Imagine a river flowing with its full power, that it can create havoc. Now, what is the easiest useful way to control it. To stop the flow permanently or to divert it. Perhaps, giving the flow of water a particular direction is both easy and useful. This way, it can produce useful energy for us. Just like a dam produces electricity for us. Similarly, we cannot stop the flow of thoughts (at present state of mind). At the most, we can divert the flow of thoughts towards almighty (thru Gurbani or as directed in your sect). Gurbani says: " Mann Ka Maran Shabad Hai" ( only Guru's Shabad can weaken the power of mind).

In fact, Peace is not in the mind (as it is usually understood or guided) rather it is "BEYOND MIND". Yes, eternal peace is beyond our Mind. It is Gurbani in Sri Guru Granth Sahib which can take us beyond our mind. Only then we can experience the bliss (the ultimate peace).

Don't overworry or spend sleepless nights, have a faith in Shabad Guru. Even this disturbed mind will become a boon for you, if you try to recognize the command of almighty through this phase of life. If are feeling that you are moving closure to the almighty God, then this pain is desirable for you. Guru Ji advises: " Dukh Daroo Sukh Rog Bhaiya, Jaa Sukh Tam Na Hoi". (When I noticed that the pain of mind is acting as a medicine i.e. diverting myself towards almighty, now I no longer desire for the peace of mind).

To repeat, Peace is BEYOND MIND and not in the mind.

Try to remain absorbed in the Gurbani and Simran, most of the time. You will be able to get the most precious gift in this universe i.e. PEACE.