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You are doing what your family and friends ask you to. You are thinking based on what a few girls say you have no freakin' interest or stake in your life. You have trouble hanging out with people in clubs and bars. You wish to be accepted. But it comes at a price. You wish to be moulded into the shapes people around you want to see you as. Sikhi is really anti-social in a way that it attacks the prejudices of the society. Think of a 200 years ago where a guy became a Sikh and he was ridiculed because he didn't pray in the temples in front of an idol. A Sikh who does Ardas in no particular direction or only in front of Guru Granth Sahib, wow that was unheard of in those times. Many have faced such problems, but we don't have to let them define us. Let your belief in Sikhi define you!