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Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh!

Well it is not forbidden, but YOU have to think yourself if it is right or wrong. Khalsa should always look tyaar bar tyaar, guru ji's children. It represents Guru ji's roop. Khalsa fights kaam krodh lobh moh ahankaar. Now looking at this, do you think it would be right to wear such clothing which may look inappropriate? I wear skinny jeans but they are very loose and don't look bad at all. It is like a pajami. That should be fine i think. But if clothes are tight, or inappropriate, it might not be right to wear them as you have to look modest. Khalsa has to look modest. Talking to Amritdharis or non... This is again something that you have to figure our yourself. Guru ji says have good sangat, dont sit near those who take away your kamai by talking abt maya (relationships, tv, movies, celebrities, etc). But if you sit with a Gursikh, they would talk abt Guru and Sikhi... which is beneficial. So you have to make your choice