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This is an interesting topic that many people are putting their opinions about. If I can honestly answer your question of whether Sikhism is dying or not it is hard to answer this question because this question is quite complex to answer. First and foremost one needs to understand that living as a turbaned sikh man and facing some challenges (whether school bullying, peer pressure, random airport screening, employment discrimination, and matrimonial discrimination) has forced many Sikhs to remove their turbans because of the circumstances. On the other note some Sikhs who at one point had cut their hair decided to re-adopt their visible sikh identity. One question you had asked if turbaned sikh guys are good looking to girls well that depends on individual sikh girl, but majority of sikh girls these days prefer clean shaven guy as opposed to a turbaned sikh guy. One thing to understand is every individual whether its guy or girl is entitled to their own opinion. Honestly these days only a small handful of sikh women prefer to marry a turbaned sikh man. Your other question was how can this patit (clean shaven ) trend be stopped well there are many ways first and foremost the parents have to educate the kids on sikh history, sikh identity, sikh sacrifices, also the local gurdwaras need to address this issue by setting up sikh camps, sikh seminars, having a youth discussion forum so that the youth can discuss about sikh identity and civil rights.