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Really appreciate the question. Most including me are more or less entangled by the problem as stated in the question.

hmmmm ..."I am just trying to figure out how should you really view people."

"Like if a person is a manmukh" "love that you would give to a Gursikh" "that you have unconditional love for everything (not attachment), even for people who are not amritdharis."

For an instant, let's say I had that power that could see through other's mind so that I could really tell if the one I am looking at is a manmukh or gurmukh. Now if I dont have that power and still do the same just by looking at others or their actions over a finite period of time, I'd prove myself no more than a fool.

eika bhau dekho sab naari, kyaa janna saho kaun pyaari

To make things simpler...let say if I see someone and really feel he is a gurmukh... I can pray for becoming one or atleast the dust of his feet.... On the other hand, if I see someone and feel otherwise, can I still pray to be the dust of their feet .... I guess we need to do that and the most important of all, what do I feel when I see myslef in the same light ..... a gurmukh or a manmukh ...or a corpse as mentioned in the question...I guess we all know the answer to this...some like me chose not to accept it.