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since the times of guru sahib ji, it has been a tradition in sikhi that when ever langar is prepared it was first given to guru sahib ji and then it was served in the sangat after being blessed by the guru ji. we all know a sakhi of guru Harrai Sahib Ji and bhai Gonda ji, langar was prepared and was ready for the guru ji to bless it so that it can served in the sangat but guru ji kept sitting in samadhi untill mid day and then seeing that sikhs requested that guru ji sangat is hungry please bless the food so that it may be served to the sangat ... so the point is that LANGAR has to served to the GURU Ji first ..... and now why to the KIRPAN now a days

when guru gobind singh ji was in abchal nagar he asked mata SAHIB Kaur Ji to go to delhi, she replied that she has this promise that she wouldn't eat untill she has seen Guru Gobind Singh Sahib JI's face every morning and said that she would die of starvation as she cannot eat without guru sahib darshan. hearing this guru sahib gave her FIVE SHASTAR and said make food every morning and put these five shastars on a clean cloth and do ardaas you will have my darshan off these shastars every single day. so that day guru sahib gave his own roop to shastar which we call kirpaan today.

so kirpan is guru sahib himself that is why DEG and LANGAR is served to Kirpan(guru ji) first and then to the sangat and that is reason to respect your kirpan and offer it the same respect you give to guru sahib.

guru ji gives kirpan even higher status than himself saying in his bani that it is my PEER, guru.

as kripaan khando kharrag tupak tabar aur theer saif sarohee saithee yehai hamaarai peer