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Jaspreet Kaur, Mostly, Paanj peyaare are high Gursikhs, but sometimes in some areas of country, this might not be the case. If you think about it, people who go to deras of fake babas for Amrit, even they think they are taking proper Amrit, but the peopel who are running it can be fake babas! I am not saying your panj peyaare were like that. I think there could have been a misunderstanding on how you interpreted at Amrit Sanchar. At Amrit sanchaar, Panj Payaare say - you should do Nitnem but if one does not know how to read Gurmukhi, one can do Simran AND LEARN GURMUKHI SO THAT YOU CAN DO NITNEM.

Above all, Nitnem is extremely important. It comes from Guru Granth Sahib ji whom you matha tek to. When we do Nitnem , it is Guru's words Themselves.

Do Ardaas to Guru ji every single day for Kirpa

Get into more and more Kamaai, the confusion about weather you broke Amrit or not.. think about it later talk to elder sikh. Don't Worry. Guru Sahib ji will help