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well my freind that is a pathetic question! The guru us the eternal messanger of god who else do you need you my freind are sprirtualy blinded! if you are talking about this time and us needing a to - date messanger preeching a fresh new message. you aare a fool only the guru can save us no one else we bow to no one apart of god and the guru. Dhun Dhun Sri guru granth sahib ji. so the answer to your question is the true messanger of god the guru is in the gurdwara in your heart and in your mind both physical and spiritual around usthe gurus teaching shine even in every day life. look at a tree for example it stands through storms with head held high still trying to rech to the sky. a human should be like a tree not effected by the damaging elements of outside and still be reachind for waheguru (god)

So what is god waiting for ? / or what are you waiting for.!!!! the true messanger is the guru no go to the gurus feet and beg for forgivness that you even thought another was greater! you Fool!

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguruji ki fateh.

oh lord how the age of kalyug has been destroyed under the glimpse of the guru. the wheel of ages has been shaterd under the influence of his name! and the true eternal shabad.

Gajke jaikara gajave nihal oh jave satsriakal bole sohnihaal satsri akal


waheguruji ka khalsa waheguruji ki fateh