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Hi :)

"Each religion which still has not proved to be completely truth " Really? Try reading about Sikhism.

"Some people's prayers are answered and some people's are not. Why is this? Why is life unfair? " Nope, it is not unfair. It is totally fair. It is called Karma. You get what kind of actions you have performed.

" These questions only come up when you put God in a form which is very human like" But God is not a person my dear. These questions come up when you reduce the power of God soooo low and call a human.

"This story tell us a lot about the origins of human ideologies. "

Agree! Humans build alot of misconceptions that even I normally think of. But I do not feel God is the one. We still have belongings of our Gurus saved. It tells you they did come on Earth. The Guru Granth Sahib ji is written by them and it is absolutely beautiful. There is something more powerful going on then the jet crash.

"God is a divine energy that runs through every single thing in the universe as far as humans know" It is true. Read Japji Sahib it talks about that.