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miya holds every one back we can all say that we are ready to die but are we?

since i was a child my mother told me nmot to fear death as it will happen i listend and have kept that instil;led within my heart. but she has seemed to forget this teaching of hers. every day you must have in your mind that you will die the next so that you can give everything your all in this way you will suceed! your mind is still attached to the imperminant body and world which will always be destroyed. i suggest a theropy for you my freind. listen to these banis./ kirtan or chant theses shabads every day the famous: salok mohella 9 for forty days for half of these in english the other half in gurmakhi

so thats 20 days of the salok in english and another 20 in gurmukhi to instill the gurus message within your heart mind and breath

also recite raag jaijavantee mohella 9 it takes up one and a half pages of adi sri guru garnth sahib ji a quick and beutifull bani that gives realization hers the link freind. on ang 1352 to 1352 link text

hopfully this will help wahiguru ji ki khalsa wahiguruji ki fateh gurbarakal gurbarakal sat sri sat sri akal he akal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!