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and yes you your self should of rose to the oppertunaty and shown the old fool what khalsa really was and what he was doing there is only ten gurus and one jhot dhun dhun sahib sri guru granth sahib ji adh darbur, dasam darbur, and sri sarbloh darbur

sukhmeet singh you have undermined me because of my age but i fully see the situation but i have not judged it . why would you refuse to believe in any other gurus when there are only the sikh gurus all other gurus dont exist for the one who calls himself guru is not. only the one who has been ordained by god as a title has truly earned it. i understand the situation, i am younger then you so it is probably hard for you to understand that knowlegde is recieved at any age look at baba buddha ji and sri guru harkrishan sahib ji.

i am not personally attacking you but dont be foolish khalsa fateh