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I really hope you do well my dear. There is alot with which I can relate to you. I didnt have similar situations, but trust me, I have been something very very related.

We keep on crying thinking our family isnt Gursikh isnt it? But just wait and try to look at positive. I was very glad to hear when you said your father in law started believing in Waheguru. This is so great! It is nothing but pure Waheguru ji's Kirpa!! Positivity is very important. Think about all the good Karams he is making. Never forget to look at positive side

Yes it is very important to do paath and remember Waheguru the whole day. Guru ji says soo many times in Gurbani that, if one strong Gursikh is in the family, it can make all the generations saved... This is a very big thing isnt it. Somebody gave me an advise and it actually worked! When I can all depressed, somebody told me if you stop thinking about bad things your family does and not follow Guru ji and you focus on YOURSELF to become a better Gursikh, wonders can happen! Stop focusing to make them good, focus and try hard to make yourself as spiritually high as you can. By looking at you they will experience very different. The color of Guru ji's love will play it's part and they may also get colored by it. And in my case, it happend!!!! :D :D :D Waheguru!!!! . So if you want to become a true Gursikh, it is important to do paath. Mind is our biggest culprit who makes us lazy. You have to fight fight very hard.