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i have travels in my spritual experiance with one prayer to know off by heart ARDASS

i couldnot read write or clearly speak punjabi, but i prayed to god for help, and soon enough i could read it of the walls a miricle. i prayed to god that i could go to punjabi school so i could get basic santhiya of gurbani to read the guru clearly without hesitation, this also happend and that ment all three granths! oh dear sikh of the guru learn these prayes of by heart.

ardass japji jaap amrit swayie benti chaupai sahib anand sahib rehrass sahib sohila sahib this is not a heavy load. and do ardass to god and you can ask for anything in fact god always listens as god is always watching. but dont be selfish for what you ask. you can ask for anything and god will give it as you so show devotion but not for that thing in particular. if one genuinely loves god then god will and always will bestow his blessings on all.