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brother one can mearly listen to bani but ! one does not get the same effect as vibrating upon it with ones own breath. god has given us only but a few breaths for life and they should be spent on gods praise, the shabad should be recited from ones own mouth if not how could one truelly reep the benifits from it. lastly the shabad is eternal and we are not when we go the shabad will still remain on this earth we must have every chance to look upon our guru shanad!

another thing one who doesnt follow the hukham of the guru cant call them selves a sikh. i am 14 and i have figured that out the easy way and the hard way! i understand if you cant do your bani some days but the puratan maryadas say that if you cant then you must do shortend down versuions of those banisso for egsample if you cant do japji sahib you do the first panj pauria and then the famous last salok etc..... guru understood this predicament.

gur khalsa ji there is nothing like the vibration and recitation on gurbani take my advise im younger then you. oh this website is good for us nihang sikhs in training []

hope this helped brother
gurbar akal gurbar akal khalsa fateh satsri akal