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Follow these steps it will be hard to do, but since you just became a teenager you will have lot of zeal

  • Make money by honest living
  • Donate some money from your hard earned money to the helpless without any expectation
  • Leave the rich and powerful and stay with and be humble
  • Don't be greedy or miser (both have a bad end) no billionaire says I have enough.
  • Don't be afraid of death, anything that is born is sure to die, anything that dies is sure to be born again
  • Keep fear of Karma in your mind always
  • Keep fear of limited time always and make decisions like you are terminally ill.
  • A person who competes with his peers is his own enemy
  • Don't follow the crowd, the crowd is dumb, follow your inner voice, that faint voice which tells you to do give alms to a homeless
  • Don't keep hopes or expectations on others, this will only lead to disappointment
  • God is inside every living thing don't search outside.
  • Just like oxygen exists every time, but we only realize it when we have to hold our breath, Discomfort awakes a person, but the mind wants to stay asleep comfortably in sweet dreams forever.
  • Whatever happens, be content with it, that is the only way to prevent more problems than there are already there.