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Look inner voice is the voice of the Soul or God.We are actually the Soul or God but we think ourselves as body or identification related to it.As the person do some bad stuff the inner voice stops him from doing it but if the person repeat his actions of bad stuff or paap the inner voice with course of time becomes less loud.It happens even when you think of doing good things that is when the inner voice guides you.As you do paath,simran,sewa or sadhna with the course of time the inner voice becomes loud and easily recognized by the person.The another voice is the voice of your ego which comes from the company or sangat you have done in your life meaning that ego is made of the sangat your mind has done with.When a person becomes brahmgiani or enlightened the whole world becomes his family and our Gurus are the role model of it.You are talking of giving a little money to the beggars or poor people our Gurus have given their head for poor and downtrodden people - Guru TeghBahadur ji etc.