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I am not sure about a specific prayer, but I know that you can make a request (ardaas) to God. If this request is made from your heart, the request (Ardaas) will come true. Believe me when I say this. When i was little I had seizures (life threatening) and all my family did was repeat (jaap) Gods name (Waheguru) and eventually I became perfectly better. That is why i am here or else i would have been dead. It is God who listened to the requests of my family and I. It was God who had saved me from death.

As for your second question. I am not God so I can't tell you if she will have to go through all of the lifeforms, before returning to be a human. In Sikhism thats what we believe. I believe that God is fair when he chooses to make a sikh or not. It is all the same. No culture or cast is greater than the rest. So does it matter what cast or culture your born to? I agree in Sikhism we obtain things which no other cast has, but its how we use these gifts in our lifes thats makes it worth being a sikh.

Being sad about this matter is senseless, life continues to go on, whether she is here or not. Just believe that she is in a better place and don't worry about her. Her path was written before she was alive, and she now must follow it. There is nothing we can do.