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Narayan ram har har satnam WAHEGURU !! Khalsa fateh brother I actually find myself in the exact same position I was so scared of asking or even thinking the thought near my parents I feel that taking amrit wouldn't change me intireky from the outside either as I do my rehat but I have come to relize that one can only be truthfully ready to take amrit when there head is allready with the guru easily said then done my freind I'm 14 and the other day I talked to my mum about taking amrit for the first time and you know what she said she why should I have to gi e you permission when in life you'll do what you will want she was happy and doesn't mind what time I take it. But there is one way you can get maybe speeded the process up continue going deeper in prayer in simran in bani and bana find the rass the amrit within , be tyar par tyar always and start Wearing the five k's. always meditate on akal and always Sing dun guru gobind Singh sahib waheguruji ka Khalsa waheguruji ki remember my bothers and sisters I my self haven't taken amrit yet , but others think I have. Buddha dal ji take amrit soon and we can be nihangs together . One more thing in the paratan maryada or rehit ritten by the panj piare they talk about an akali Khalsa a higher elevated Khalsa who wear blue and follow a true way who venerate the three granths android not cut a single hair who cover each hair respectfully who where long kashera with grace so on. Bhai guruka Singh ji if you could please tell us more about the akali Khalsa. Khalsa fateh