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The basic fact is the Gurdwara Committee was discriminating you on what you do for a living, and that is just wrong, it doesn't matter what it is(well any job is ok, except being a barber, don't do that job, or else) but other than that they should not discriminate you on what you do to keep your family alive, you should go to another Gurdwara, if you wish to stay loyal to your Gurdwara so be it, but, realize what they did with you, a form of Caste, if you take the cigarretts as an Amritdhari, then can you be discriminated only a little. I would be on your side on this one, Waheguru will see what you would do, in America a lot of Sikhs own things that sell cigarretts, drugs, and even lottery, and not a single Gurdwara Committee discriminates them