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In meditation thoughts arise. This is normal. There's nothing to do except gently let the thought come and then let it go and bring attention back to the mantra. When you begin to meditate you go through an initial phase of "this is cool! I'm meditating" but soon thereafter the thoughts come, "My leg hurts" "My nose itches. should I scratch it or keep still and see if it goes away?" "OMG, I forgot to call Lily yesterday. I gotta remember to call her today," etc., etc. Keep focusing on the mantra and keep going through this stage where your mind tries its best to distract you. As you get drawn into the sound current it becomes easier and easier to concentrate - you get pulled into the rhythm just the way two magnets pull on each other. This stage is called Dharana (concentration) from there you go deeper, as you merge into the sound and become one with it you enter the stage of Dhyana (absorbtion) from there you lose all sense of space and time and enter Samadhi, the timeless, eternal Shunia. It takes time and practice.