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No,Humans can't create soul.In other words soul is like God which is "Aad sach jugad sach hai bhi nanak hosi bhi sach" meaning that like God was truth in the beginning or before the creation of world.He is also true in each and every age and will be true forever or in future.Like we say that God is inside us all similarly the soul is in us all.What i am trying to say is that soul = God.for ex if we put 10 buckets filled with water in the moon light then we can see the reflection of moon in the 10 buckets same is with Parmatma or supersoul is inside us everyone like a soul.

To know that God or soul is inside us is the whole game of Dharma or religious practices like Simran etc.To realize a soul inside us is known as self realisation which is also god realization.You are not this body which you are thinking you are actually that soul or God which is also present everywhere and in everyone.I give you a simple method to realize this if you find any creature in any kind of need for water or food and you help him then as the next person will feel the satisfation after having the food you will also feel some peace and happiness in yourself which proves that the soul or God which is inside us is also in the other person that why in Sikhism selfless service is there.

Like there is fire in the wood and Ghee in the milk but if you see the wood you can't see the fire unless you rub the wood same is with milk and ghee and similarly there is a soul or God is inside you but for realizing that you have to do naam jap and selfless service.