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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh, The dastaar and the 5 kakaars are an extension of our physical roop. Being a Sikh is as much of an external roop as it is an internal roop. Amrit is internal as well as external. Just because a Sikh does or does not keep the 5 kakaars or dastaar does not make them less of a Sikh or a better Sikh. We are all cultivating a relationship with Guru Sahib and the physical manifestation of the Khalsa roop is what you make of it and your relationship with your physical body. Integrating bani and bana in one's life is a challenging process that takes many years and lifetimes depending on the soul. We are all on our journey towards the Oneness and are on our own unique respective paths. Bhull Chuuk Maaf Ji, please forgive me for the mistakes I have made in this post.