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I think Guru Gobind Singh Ji cares about quality more than quantity.

To give you a little history about Turban. A Turban ( Durban in Farsi ) was worn by Mughal rulers and was restricted by them to common people saying that it should be worn only by the "so called royal Mughals" and rest were supposed to wear topi ( cap ).

So when, Guru Tegh Bahadur ji was matryed, Aurangzeb called to the public and said " is there any Sikh of the Guru who will claim his head " ?

But Sikhs were very scared for whoever would have claimed it would have been executed too. When Guru Gobind Singh Ji came to know about this he said " Now I will make Sikhs in such a way that they will be recognized in the crowd and will be fearless of death". So he told everyone to start wearing turbans.

"Jo sikh sir topi thhare, Sat janam Kushtee hoyee maree"

Who ever will wear a cap ( basically is scared of Mughals) will go to Hell.

hope it makes sense