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I agree with @teraBanda. Loved your land/borders/birds metaphor.

There are avatars born all the time. Each has different work to do. An avatar is a human being who is free from karmas but chooses to incarnate again to serve humanity in physical form. Each avatar takes on a "mission" to accomplish during such an incarnation. This shabad only calls out some of these avatars, not all of them. Guruji is reflecting on the missions of these avatars and reminding us that the Guru, which exists within all of us, reigns supreme in every age. When our Guru Sahibian wrote their verse, knowledge of the vedas through oral tradition was assumed. Knowledge of Jesus and Muhhammad in the general population was not assumed. Gurbani refers to the base of knowledge that was already established in India at the time. That does not make "Sikhism" modern-day Hinduism. In fact, Sikhi is not a religion at all. It is Dharma, technology, a way of living in one's own grace and purity in the world. All religions start as Dharma, but over time they mostly descend into ritual as people lose the daily experience of the technology and the elevation that comes from living in the flow/hukam of the One.

Dharma is the support of the earth. Born of compassion and kindness. It patiently holds the thread of creation together. Understand this and become a person of Truth. What a great load the Dharma sustains! (Japji Sahib, Pauri 16)