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I myself have quite bad anxiety, Guru Ji is giving me his grace to help me. But slowly, i'm getting better.This is what I would do.

Firstly, do an ardas to Guru Ji, and remeber that Guru JI see's all every moment of your life he is around u, watching u. He knows your suffering and pains, your anxiety and everything. You need to have full faith that he is listening to you, when you do your ardas.

Secondly, take a cyber hukamnama from sikhnet: I myself have seen Guru ji speak to me in hukamnamas, but again you have to be fully certain that Guru Ji is guiding you before taking the hukam.

Thirdly, Naam Simran mediation is very key in destroying your anxiety, and it is the only way. Guru Ji says that Naam is the medicine for all diseases, this includes mental diseases. It purifies the mind fully, every time and you will afresh. I would recommend chanting the naam with a youtube video in the background and follow the chant that it is doing, like this one: Make a promise to yourself and Guru Ji to do as much as you can Simran wise, whether that's like 5 mins or 30 mins, it doesn't matter. Guru Ji will see your effort and will help u.

Listen to Kirtan when you can and try to learn new shabads, like Rakhiya De Shabad (i'm trying to learn to it right now), read into the Story behind the Shabads. Also, when you do paath, what helped for me is learning the meanings of your nitnem of Jap Ji Sahib and other banis. Basics of Sikhi helped me in this: If you do these things with full faith: at least learning the meanings and doing nitnem and japping Naam, i have no doubt that God won't help you, as he is helping me at the moment.

And also what helped me know God fully exists is once you start Japping Naam with full attention on it, you feel the Bliss of God. Guru Ji explains that experience to be giving sweets to a mute person, you can't describe the experience you have to experience it yourself. Sikhi is great because it's not just blind faith that God exists, you can actually experience God too. It will take time but with God's grace you will start to feel the love for God, and trust me this full dissolve all your entanglements. Remember that the human life is so precious and the mission of it is to meet God again (rehras Sahib).

"Walking one step towards the Guru's feet, the True Guru walks millions of steps to welcome you. By repeating the mantra given by the True Guru only once, Guru blesses you with love and devotion and with repetition of the Name again and again. If, with devotion and reverence, one places only one coin in front of the Guru, the Guru blesses him with all treasures. The True Guru is the treasure of all mercy. his glory is infinite. Always, always always, I bow, I bow, I bow, I bow..." - Vaars of Bhai Gur Das Ji

Please forgive for any mistake i have made. Give me updates if you can. WJK WJKF