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There are really two issues here. The first is your relationship to your own bana. When you are in duality about your bana it is a reflection of a deeper duality in your own mind. It is really about your relationship with yourself. When we wrap turban before going in public, we enjoy a special kind of protection. That relationship deepens until our bana is a part of us. It is perfect to stand out. That is who we are. The second issue is your relationship to other people. It's basically allowing other people's judgements and opinions to affect you in a way that you no longer see yourself and your own identity clearly. If someone makes fun of your bana, it is your blessing. Time to smile, bless, serve and keep going. People will say and do whatever they are going to say and do. It is not about you. Your identity lies in your relationship to Guruji. The stronger and deeper that is, so deep will be your strength, faith and grace.