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This must be incredibly distressing. I understand your desire to keep your family together, but the utmost first principle here is safety and doing what is just. I would recommend going to the police and reporting what you saw and what happened. Regardless of whether your sister would like to, but you need to do what is right here. Request of your sister to stay with you until things are sorted out. The police can provide for their safety from him. For your sister’s psychological state, the police has something called victim services. They are counsellors who help them through these types of situations. People do heal from these types of circumstances but it can take a long time and she may be acutely very unwell so support her as best you can. Don’t ask her too much, just listen to what she has to say in the time she wants to say it. Give her a space in which to be able to share it. I know you are all heartbroken, but the right thing to do is report it and let the police sort it out. You're all not safe.