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Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh,

"Jamna marna hukam hai" - This is all the will of god, and i'm glad that you still want to feel connected to your wife after she's gone. I am no one to tell you about what to do or not, as this is completely your decision (regarding another marriage). However, with your question, I personally believe that after death, we go back to god (pawane mein pawan samaaya, joti mein jot ral jaaya, maati maati hoyi ek). Thus, if you continue to believe in god and know that god is everywhere, then, it's possible to stay connected to your wife as she's basically returned back to god. We're all unsure about what happens after death, so I cannot be sure, but with faith and love, everything is possible. Hence, believe in what you wish but make decisions having your life in mind too :) Bhul Chuk Muaf Karni ji, Waheguru ji bhala karn.