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Waheguru Jio,

All I know from your passage is that he's a great guy and mature too. Your family also seems to like him and so do you (you're just scared that you'll get hurt or he's not your future husband). The thing is, you can't know for sure if he's your future husband, and so the best way is talk to your family about it. If you're at the age where you'll soon get married, then talk to them about it. They will give you the best advice. God's will is that whatever you sow is what you will reap. So sow the seeds of talking to him and your parents, thus, getting the answer as a result. It will be fine. God cares for everyone and whatever happens is also according to his will (to make you whoever you are today). Don't waste this opportunity and go for whatever feels right. Waheguru ji mehr karn :) Bhul chuk muaf.