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Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh,

First of all, you cant run away from the rule of the universe and that's "reaping what you sow", so even if you change thousands of names, you'll still be under the law. Honestly, god doesn't want you to change anything, because he allows everything to be and doesn't take revenge on anyone, hence, "nirvair". Nor does he distribute people on the basis of caste, religion, gender etc. So why do you think in this case he'll do that? God is everyone's and in everyone, don't you think?

Now, do you feel like you ruined your parent's reputation because you brought in a muslim boy? Is that what's causing your family's tears? If so, I think its best to speak to your local granthi, someone who can look at both perspectives. On the other hand, I think you need to have a family talk, where you now find a resolution of this. Try explaining that in today's society, marrying someone of the religion isn't seen as a disastrous thing. Tell them that he will not be changing my sikhi and may even allow one of the kids or someone to be a sikh? ( I hope that's the case but what i'm trying to say is that point out his good things and let them know that sikhi will still live). However, if I've assumed most of the things, please clarify so I can try to help a sister out. Bhul Chuk Muaf.