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Waheguru Jio, I want to start off by saying there is no other than god and he is everywhere. "Saajnda mera saajanda, nikat khaloyeda mera saajanda" meaning "my dear god stands so close to me". Second of all, no one can put in faith within you, its your own personal experience. Read gurbani and trust that whatever guru ji says is most definitely true. In Asa di vaar, Guru Angad Dev ji mentions "je sau chanda ugwe suraj chade hazaar, ete chaanan hondeya gur bin ghor andhaar", meaning "even if 100 suns and moons were to rise, there will still be total darkness". In this case, guru ji is talking about inner knowledge, and it comes only from real guru and ours is "guru granth sahib ji". Trust me, there is god and he's with and looks after everyone. As it says in rehraas sahib "when the birds fly away thousands of miles, who cares for them?", guru ji means that god takes care of the baby birds when their mothers flys away thousands of miles. So don't worry, simply listen to gurbani and understand the meanings :) Bhul chuk muaf.

Here are some shabads with meanings, to further help you di. ,