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WGJKK! WGJKF! I think there are two things - number one is the obsessive thought about getting pregnant. Obsessive thoughts are not in any way helpful. they take away your focus from the present moment. They are based in fear and obsessive thinking behavior, such a OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). You need to take this bull by the horn and get help for it. On your own, you may find that reciting "waheguru" as a continual mantra can help, if you start chanting it whenever your mind starts spinning about "God is mad at me and my period won't come," perhaps it can help you restore equalibrium to your mind. Obessessing over something makes it easy to NOT take an action to change a situation. But all of this may be easier with professional help. A therapist or coach can help you address the constant repetitive thoughts, the inability to take action, the constant overwhelming fears.

And number two - getting pregnant. I think you said in another post that you are 17, is that right? There are many, many resources for you to inform and educate yourself about how a woman actually gets pregnant. Whatever your mum or others have told you should not be more important than educating yourself. This is the ACTION that would be important for you to take - because it empowers you. Your obsessive thoughts do not (in fact, they disempower you, they stop you from taking action.). You can research on the internet, go to the doctor, go to the library and read books - there are so many resources. Taking action, you will take your power back into your own hands. You will understand how the female body works, you will understand that feeling sexual urges is normal and natural, you will know that sperm and eggs are what create pregnancy.

It is just my opinion ji, but I feel like the answers from others will not help you break this cycle of fearful thinking that you could or might get pregnant. YOU are the one who can take this power by informing yourself thoroughly. Educate yourself, ji. There is educational and scientific information everywhere and this is what will ease your mind more than fretful thinking or worrying obsessively. There is no greater kindness you can do for yourself.

My prayers are with you.