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Agreed with Guruka Singh ji, and also behn ji, the world see whats you do and god sees why you do it. Remember, there is only ONE god and the world runs according to his hukam, not your mums' or anyone else's. Just study hard and that will get you good grades, and try to actually understand gurbani ji. It seems that you get scared about things and that's normal but nothing in this world is ours and so we shouldn't be afraid to lose it (as we don't own it). Thus, welcome bad things and good things equally, they're all coming according to our own actions, not by any punishments or blessings from god. He doesn't sit there and goes "oh this man isn't praying to me, so i'll punish him". No, his hukam is just "aape beej aape hi khao", "you reap what you sow". Take a deep breath, listen to gurbani, contemplate it and also try to talk to your mother calmly, she's not your enemy, I promise :). When you learn to kill your ego and understand that everyone has god within them, you wont be scared by anyone or hate anyone (i'm trying to learn that too). Bhul chuk muaf karni.