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StrongKaur Ji - Every woman goes through menstruation somehow. And every woman freaks out, either before or after. It's natural. It's a natural change of hormones and it affects the pituitary gland which controls all the other glands. So hey, capitalize on it! :-) "Oh, I am freaking out." So, go freak out. You have to freak out for 4 or 5 days. Men know about it. Either you will freak out before or you will freak out after. It's God's gift to you. It's not unusual. It's not unnatural. This world would be total boredom if women did not know how to freak out. So stop bashing yourself over it.

That said, this becomes about self-care. Track your menstrual cycle on your calendar or using an app like "Life - Period Tracker Calendar" which allows you to keep a symptom and mood log. Plan ahead to withdraw from family interactions more when you are hormonal. You know you are going to be reactive so plan a warm bath with scented candles and the lights turned down. Let yourself be more internally focused and self-loving. How about a foot rub?