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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki fateh,

This sounds like a very troublesome situation and if they're sikh I don't know why they're against the idea of you following rehat. However, sometimes we get put into tough situations but we must fight through it. One becomes a sikh by following guru ji's teachings, and that happens on an inner level. If they're against your outer looks, they might snatch it but not the love you contain for guru ji. I advice you to stay strong and once you become more independent (i.e through marriage or living separately) you can tie a dastaar. Many men prefer or don't mind their other half wearing a dastaar, so, ready yourself, follow your nitnem and implement the teachings you learn. Through guru's grace i'm sure you can place the 5 k's back on again, later in life. On the other hand, sit down with them and talk to them about how badly you want to be a certain way, however, do it in a low tone and not aggressively, that wont help. This is all my opinion, I hope I helped out a little. Bhul Chuk Muaf.