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One good thing about Monday is regardless of how it goes it will be over. That's something to look forward to! I think that our fears are conquered by challenging them, but it would be better if you take steps to slowly try to address this problem long term by for example first making videos of yourself or practicing in front of a mirror, then moving on to a family member or friend, then moving up to a bigger group.Thats's more for the future now since this one is Monday. I think that knowing your material and taking deep breaths will help, so just practice the best you can tomorrow. At the end of the day we tend to be scared of people's judgements, but it doesn't matter what other people think you are a great person regardless, and most people don't pay attention during a presentation anyways because they are worried about their own. There might not be enough time, but can you talk to your teacher ahead of time? Or try this next time because they will have tips and might let you practice with them so that you get more confident. If you have a friend in the class, simply look at that one person for the whole presentation. (depends on the type of teacher I know). At the end of the day if you can't bring yourself to making eye contact, they can take off some marks but at least you did it and that's a step forward for you. Just try your best!