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I really appreciate that you don't drink and smoke. But Guru Sahib ask us to love yourself and then take care of your society and make as such that others learn from you. When a doctor give you some medicine for your sake, are you questioning him. Not at all. Then why we are questioning on our Guru Sahib. Sabut Surat Sikh with rehat Mariada are the important keys in sikhism. Don't bother about the sikhs of Raval pindi, take the examples of others true sikhs from our history. We remberered them today also because they lives in rehat marida and even sacrifices their lives. Take example of Bhai Taru Singh ji, His age was only 24 when he sacrificed his life. Turban is TAJ for every sikh. Hope you understand.

Fateh pravan karne ji waheguru ji ka Khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh