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In my mind, there’s two ways I see of moving forward here from this obsession. I’m sure there may be more but here is how I see it. One option is to proceed forward with expressing how you feel and facing the reality he may or may not feel the same but having the closure of an answer. The thing is obviously you have tried that before with no response. So that’s not a great option. It shouldn’t be this long dragged out thing of you just staring at each other. That’s not really solving anything. I think that if he had wanted to respond he would have and I’m a little worried about the number of times you tried to pursue this in the past because it sounds like you were kinda harassing him. Now that its been a long time and you feel like he may be interested/things have changed, If you could if you wanted try one last time to talk to him in person for a response, not a letter, social media, or in a way that he doesn’t have to respond- this would be directly going up to him and asking. The other way of going with this is trying to solve the obsession piece. The fact that you feel obsessed is obviously interfering in your life and is a problem. You aren’t sleeping. You don’t even know him very well so maybe you’ve created a fantasy over who he is. You have good reasons for not pursuing this: he is going to college, you are young still, he previously didn’t reply to your requests, and you should both focus on studies. You don’t want to continue to obsess because what will be the reason to get out of bed happily when he goes to college? Have you tried balancing out your mind and body via doing exercise/yoga, and simran, paath, and focusing on that part? Go towards that path instead. I think this is just distracting you from your true path. Doing those activities will help balance out the energy that you are putting into this crush.