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Waheguru jio,

I am not judging your parents and i'm younger then them so have less experience but honestly, if they're amritdhari, they should be last in lane to believe in caste system. According to the sikh rehat maryada, a sikh girl should marry a sikh man, so, if he's sikh (believes in guru sahib ji), then there should be no problem. Try to tell your parents about his education, wealth and virtues, they should agree. "Vin boleya sab kich jaanda", so just pray to god and stay content, everything will alright. You're not selfish and by the sound of things, you both sound like a great couple. Also, maybe try asking him to take amrit (if he's ready), that will make your issues better. However, honestly speaking, you're on the right track and Waheguru ji will help you stay strong. Bhul Chuk Muaf.