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Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

That's very interesting and you raise a good point. From my perspective and limited knowledge, you can but with limitations. For example, if a women is hitting an old man with a large stick or even rod, you can push her away (or tame her) but don't go around using the same stick or rod and bash her until she gets severly injured or dies. However, that applies to you saving a person against a man as well. This is because we need nirmalta even when protecting others, so fight for the good but don't turn into cruelty. Remember guru ji speaks of the human race as "females" from a spiritual perspective, but the body differences do apply. Guru ji would've never hit a female (usually the men were criminals were back then) but in today's society, I think guru ji will be glad for you to save an innocent man from a female but sensibly (I hope I made sense). These are completely my views so please forgive me for my mistakes.