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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

Behn ji, I would like to start by saying that you're really strong and I love the fact you're so keen on following guru ji's path. Honestly, 'strongKaur' answered it very well and I agree with her opinion about taking medicine to balance hormones etc. I would also advice the use of haldi and besan for a face mask as it decreases hair growth in that area. I know that following guru's teachings isn't always easy especially when family or friends come in the way but remember, they shall all perish and only Waheguru - your bond with him, will remain. I also advice asking your husband "what if your sister or daughter had a similar problem? do you think guru ji will be okay with me doing this?" However, all in all, it comes down to what you do for the peace in your relationship. Don't be guilty, just accept the will of god. Satguru mera sada dayala, mohe deen ko raakh liya. He will understand :) Leave it all on him. Bhul chuk fak, satguru tode te mehr banai rakhe.