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I’m sorry about what happened to her, and send my condolences. All of us have a time to go. I have faced a lot of deaths in my life recently as well- people in their 20s only and under unexpected circumstances similar to your aunt. The way that I have dealt with it is to remember we all have a time to go, and it was their time to go. God only gives us so many breaths. Some people’s time to go is after a short time, as a child, some people older, but this is God’s will according to that person’s soul journey which we cannot see just in one lifetime. I am sorry she was not able to see her child get married. but it sounds like you have lots of wonderful memories to remember her by and that her life was an inspiration- she visited the takhts, did paath, went to the gurdwara. These are beautiful things. I will share that one thing I learned from my cousin’s death at 25 was that I will never wait to be happy- each day must be lived to fulfill our purpose. We can’t wait until after we retire etc. to be happy, or to work on our mind’s journey to God. Paath, remembering God, and ardas is not simply about getting everything we wish for, but about that mind’s journey that we walk. These activities are not about fulfilling the desires of this body in this life, but rather teaching us about how to achieve a higher spiritual avastha and mukhti. I don't know about how your aunt's state of mind was each day but is it possible that she was in fact happy in her life even if she didn't see this final wish fulfilled. You've said she was a pure soul and very nice, it sounds like she was a sweet person to be around. I am sorry for your loss and I know it is hard to comprehend and sometimes a person needs someone else to help to understand. I too had similar questions in my mind a few years ago.